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“Your presence and attention to so many ritual moments we might have missed made our wedding ceremony so much more meaningful. Far more than being an “officiant” on our wedding day, you helped us (long before our wedding) to consider the values and desires at the core of our relationship.

You honored both of our religious traditions and family customs and worked with us to incorporate these into our ceremony. Because of your guidance and attention, our wedding felt sacred and the process you took us through helps us as our relationship grows and our circumstances change. We feel like we can turn to you as a valued confidante and friend. Thank you.”

~ Danielle & Jesse

“In planning a Jewish wedding, finding the right rabbi is of the utmost importance! As progressive Jews who find ourselves living in the South, it was essential that we found and connected with someone to guide us with whom we felt shared Jewish, universal, and contemporary values. Rabbi Shimberg is a universal blessing for anyone who feels it is important to be Jewish, and to continue to critically analyze Judaism’s traditions and relevance, and the way that Jewish culture and practice enhance our lives. Judaism, in its best form, exists in harmony with modern ideals and with visions of an equitable future for every soul that walks this earth. Rabbi Shimberg embodies this in a manner that is inspirational and worthy of reverence. Her guidance is deeply rooted in her commitment to social equality, environmental sensitivity and activism, and altruistic inclusiveness. All are welcome under her roof. Her generosity and commitment to her work gave us reassurance throughout the process of developing our wedding ceremony and navigating the participation of our family and friends.

Rabbi Jessica’s attention to detail set us at ease, because it was clear that she was just as invested in our process as we were. Her thoughtful attention to verbiage and our sensibilities was very helpful in choosing the language for our ceremony and ketubah that is most reflective of our perspective. We cannot sing her praises enough because she truly is the genuine article! 
If you find yourself in a similar position to ours, we urge you to reach out to her. Knowing that there are rabbis like her, especially in this region, is such a refreshing discovery. We are so thankful that we found Rabbi Jessica and appreciate that our relationship with her is still growing. Her guidance continues to provide clarity and security in our relationship, and our gratitude is unending.”

~ Max & Kate

“During the Bar Mitzvah service, you did such a wonderful job explaining and providing context and comfort to our family and friends that we are still hearing how wonderful it was. You made everyone feel welcome and engaged … everything you said and did helped transform a clearing in the woods into the most beautiful sanctuary as you led all of us on such a spiritual journey that morning. Plus, you created a special community out of a random assortment of our family and friends, which was one of the most powerful things.”

~ Karen (“Mom” to two young men who became bar mitzvah and studied with Rabbi Jessica; both still call and text Rabbi Jessica (R’J) about Jewish matters, which is very meaningful to a rabbi who is also “Mom” to two young men.)

“My wife and I were immediately impressed with Rabbi Jessica’s warmth and intelligence and her understanding that, for us, defining our Judaism is an evolving and challenging journey. We were thrilled to have Rabbi Jessica create and lead a beautiful brit bat ceremony for our daughter when she born.

The way she welcomed our entire family and circle of friends and engaged all four generations of our family made that day one I will cherish forever.”