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How do we elevate sacred lifecycle moments in our lives?

Lifecycle events are filled with so many emotions, expectations, dreams and details. Ritual provides a container to hold these sacred moments. Each container deserves unique craftsmanship, whether we are welcoming new life, reaching an age of responsibility, making a commitment of sacred partnership, commemorating a death, or marking a significant transition. Although we tend to focus much of our attention on the “big event,” there is long-lasting value in a process of heart-, head-, and soul-centered preparation. Rabbi Jessica Shimberg is a thoughtful and guiding presence throughout the journey.

Rabbi Shimberg’s soul-centered ritual artistry, deep sensitivity, and openness to each unique set of circumstances enhance her substantive knowledge of ancient and modern Jewish practices to bring a vibrancy and depth to each lifecycle event. She invites conversation about what grounds and delights you, what informs each person’s spiritual journey, and how your lifecycle rituals will reflect the values and ethical imperatives that you hold dear. Rabbi Shimberg serves as a guide throughout the journey toward these momentous occasions, and as a pastoral presence well beyond. 

For many of us, religious and cultural customs, values, and ethics are deeply woven into the fabric of our lives, and lifecycle events are opportunities to explore the role that these threads of our lived experience play in our relationships. Sometimes the rush of feelings, including those from family members, can be overwhelming. Rabbi Shimberg’s life experience and an important focus of her rabbinic work involves interfaith relationships and the intersection of spirituality and intellectual thought. She is skilled in illuminating places of universality and particularity in various wisdom traditions, and in facilitating conversations about the role that spirituality can play in 21st century American life.

Rabbi Shimberg’s work, in Nashville and beyond, includes programming designed for interfaith couples to explore the ways that our traditions, values, and beliefs manifest in our relationships and families and how we can collaboratively create sacred space. For more information about this programming for couples as well as programming for parents of adult children in interfaith relationships, please contact Rabbi Shimberg directly at RabbiJShimberg@HoldingtheFringes.com.

T&T beneath chuppah
Celebrations of Love & Commitment
Welcoming Newborns & Older Children
Bar Mitzvah Hagbah
B’nei Mitzvah
Life Transitions
Marking Life Transitions
Commemorating Loss

COVID-19 and its impact on lifecycle rituals: Rabbi Shimberg moved to Nashville, Tennessee, from Columbus, Ohio, in March, 2020, to marry her beloved, and begin a new chapter of her rabbinistry. The deep satisfaction of that love supports her work. Relocating her passion for facilitating Jewish and multi-faith spiritual engagement during a pandemic has meant navigating alternate modalities for meaningful gathering. A silver lining of the global pandemic has been the opportunities for couples and families to be creativity and to contemplate more deeply their sense of what is at the heart of lifecycle ritual. As we move from pandemic to living, once again, alongside endemic diseases, we will bring these valuable lessons and tools with us into the unfolding 21st century.