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Sacred Connections

How do we connect to a Source of Renewal and Blessing in a world that often feels chaotic and fractured? How do we access a sense of peace and wholeness? These are not new questions, yet they remain unanswered for many of us. In a world of ever-increasing access to intellectual and sensory stimuli, opportunities to quiet the mind and attune on a somatic and soulful level to the vibrations of universality and particularity are rare. So many responsibilities and opportunities call for our attention. Our ability to make time for sacred connections of a quieter nature requires effort; and this effort can be deeply rewarding.

Rabbi Shimberg offers opportunities for sacred connections in multiple formats including prayer and guided meditation, chanting and song, gentle movement, hiking, and dance. Her services often invite conversation around a particular piece of liturgy or a timely topic. Rabbi Shimberg encourages exploration of tradition and creative techniques for expanded awareness and harmonization with the Divine Transcendent Flow and the Sacred Indwelling Presence.

In addition to Rosh Chodesh (new moonth) and other Jewish holiday offerings, Rabbi Shimberg enjoys designing meaningful opportunities for seekers to experience and cultivate weekday and Shabbat sacred practices, a regular Havdalah ritual (to distinguish between Shabbat and the weekdays), and to grow their own home-based Jewish rituals. She occasionally travels to provide these services beyond Nashville.