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Sefirat haOmer ~ A Counting from Pesach to Shavuot

Each year we have the opportunity to count the Omer ~ a counting of the span of time ~ seven weeks of seven days + One ~ from the second day of Passover (a holiday of redemption in the words of early rabbinic sages) to Shavuot (a holiday the early rabbis connected with revelation; in diaspora, we no longer brought…

At the Confluence of Environmentalism & Our Sacred Story of Exodus

This post also appeared as an article in the May issue of The Observer, Nashville’s Jewish Newspaper Over 30 adults, a handful of children, and a few pets turned out for Nashville’s First (in-person) Earth Seder, an outdoor, Earth-conscious second seder on Shabbat afternoon. Rabbi Jessica Shimberg, assisted ably by her hubbitzen, sous-chef, and holy schlepper, Eric Stillman, welcomed guests with…